Io Takemura is a fashion stylist and creative consultant based in Tokyo. Born in Japan in 1982, Io has studied fashion design courses in both Japan and the UK. A graduate in BA (hons) Fashion Promotion and Illustration (2006) in UK. Io went on to study MA Fashion and graduated in UK in 2007.

Working as a fashion stylist, Io believes in ethical fashion and has been creating work around these ethical issues since 2005. She won the Eco Art Competition in Tokyo in 2006, and has styled for Esethica catalog at London Fashion Week 2009. In October 2008 she styled ‘Fashioning the Future’, a catwalk show at London College of Fashion, in which the 10 exhibiting designers where chosen by Sublime Magazine.

Her work has been featured in such a variety of arenas as BBC Thread, i-D, Yomiuri News Paper and Mono Magazine. She is also a regular contributor for Sublime Magazine and Egg Mag.

Io also works as graphic designer, creating show invitations and flyers for Junky Styling and magazine layout for Amelia’s Magazine.


竹村 伊央 (タケムラ イオ)

1982年 名古屋市生まれ

2002年 名古屋市立桜台高等学校ファッション文化科を卒業後 イギリスへ渡英

2006年 University for the creative Arts大学, Fashion promotion and Illustration コースを卒業

2007年 University for the creative Arts大学院 卒業、 フリーでファッションスタイリストを始め、エコファッションを中心としたスタイリグを始め、sublime magazineのcontributorとなる。

2010年 日本帰国



Editorial 雑誌:

Bambi Magazine, Collective Magazine, Egg Mag (UK), Estethica LFW (UK), Deluxx Digital, Diva (UK), Fiercive Magazine (Japan) H magazine (Spain), iLook (China), Indie Magazine (Germany), Living North (UK), Material Girl magazine (Germany), Prim Magazine (US), Random Magazine (UK), Sublime (UK), Vision (China), たまごくらぶ (Japan)

Commercial 広告 カタログ ショウ TV:

Beautiful Soul, Eco fair, Fernando Viana, Junky Styling, LCF Fashioning the future, MTV, Po-Zu, Tammam TDA, Think Act Vote, Uncommonly Beautiful

Celebrity アーティスト:

Racheal Adedeji